Iran’s government, parliament to decide on FATF bills

IRNA – An expert on international affairs said that the Iranian government and parliament and the decision-making bodies of the country are taking a decision about the FATF-related bills and should avoid any emotional reaction and gathering and provoking public opinion.

Mehdi Zakerian said in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on reviewing FATF-related bills in the decision-making bodies of the country on Saturday: It is clear that joining any convention, understanding, camp, and international league must be carefully studied and in order to be precise, representatives, if they suggest any plan and government offers a bill, the study must be done.

‘Finally, university professors and experts should sum up the conditions of the country and the constitution in every field, and make their own recommendations to the parliament and government, and the parliament will decide on the basis of these expert recommendations. Next, the Guardians Council and Parliamentary approval. So, not only about the FATF-related bills, but about any bills like that, we need to look at by wisdom and logic,’ he added.

The international affairs expert noted, ‘What is clear today is that the international system can prevent us from joining or not joining the conventions in our favor or against us, so that any kind of emotional and massive reaction should be avoided. Only the expertise decisions were made and finalized.’

Zakerian reiterated that in his opinion the government and the parliament have paid attention to the same, and that the Guardian Council has used the necessary precautions, and said that the populist gathering and presence and provoking public opinion are not acceptable.