Jahangiri told Parl.: Dollar-to-rial rate falling

MNA – The Iranian first vice-president Es’hagh Jahangiri assured the MPs that the decreasing trend in currency rate will continue, said Shahbaz Hassanpour, a member of the budget and planning committee of the parliament.

The closed session of the Parliament was held today with Jahangiri in attendance to discuss the latest developments of Iran’s currency market and the administration’s measures to control it.

Behrooz Nemati, the spokesman for presiding board of Iran’s Parliament, told reporters after the session that Jahangiri first presented a report to Parliament on country’s current problems and then promised the Parliament and the nation that the administration owns the required foreign currency to control the market and to supply the essential goods, Nemati added.

Elsewhere vice-president highlighted that despite all the pressures from US for stopping Iran’s oil exports, Iran has its own oil customers and no problem faces the country in this relation, the spokesperson highlighted.

Iran’s rial regained some of its previously lost value after the Central Bank of Iran announced new policies to manage the market. Many people came to sell their dollar banknotes which in turn resulted in the further depreciation of foreign currencies, most notably US dollar, against the rial. There is no confirmed news over the matter, however, reportedly the price of US dollar, went down as low as 14,000 rials on Wednesday.