Iran missile

Europe wants a missile deal with Iran

Iranian Diplomacy – An expert on international relations in Tehran believes: “Europe is confidence-building with the JCPOA in order to bring Iran to the negotiating table in the future over its missiles.”

Others say that Macron’s comments at the UN indicated that he links the revival of the JCPOA to particular talks with the United States and has set the start of regional and missile talks with Iran as the background to this move. In fact, France agrees with the United States in limiting Iran’s missile power and regional influence; they only disagree over the course of action.

Expert on international relations, Dr Rahman Ghahremanpour said: “There is no doubt that Europe wants to talk about Iran’s missile program. But they have a difference of opinion with the US. Europeans believe that the missile issue is separate from the JCPOA accord. They want to keep the two separate in order to conduct business with Iran.”

He continued: “But the Trump administration is keen to include the missile program in the JCPOA, because it says Iran’s nuclear program has military dimensions. The Europeans, on the other hand, know that Iran will not bow down to such negotiations and it is more logical to keep the two separate.”

He added: “Europe understands that the circumstances are not right for this at the moment and they need to implement the JCPOA and build confidence before they can conduct missile talks with Tehran. there is no disagreement between the EU and the US in essence; only in timing and strategy.”

About the impact of the IRGC missile attack on terrorist headquarters in eastern Euphrates on the European outlook in tandem with Trump, Ghahremanpour said: “The US is first and foremost worried about Iran’s missile power in connection with Israel’s safety and then the safety of its allies. But, Iran, Russia, and even the EU are in accord over fighting Daesh. Any blows inflicted on them from anywhere will benefit the international community. Therefore, an attack on Daesh headquarters within the framework of international law is considered a fight against terrorism, and no country can object to that.”

He emphasized: “The United States is worried that Iran’s missile range will reach Israel and even Europe. As it is committed to keeping Israel safe, it is sensitive to Iran’s missile power. We must be aware that the conflict is not over Daesh and Syria, but the possibility of Iran using its missiles against Israel.”

Source: Persia Digest