Iran must break anti-Iranian coalition south of Persian Gulf

RNA – Former Director of the Middle East Department in Iran’s Foreign Ministry says the formation of a US’ military coalition with some countries in the region and the extent of its progress is not clear, but the countries are politically united against Iran, and Tehran should regulate its relations in a way to break the coalition.

Qasem Mohebali said recent moves by the United States to form Arabian NATO are relatively old, adding that the US’ Defense Budget bills of 2015 and 2019 state that the United States will counter Iran’s efforts in the Middle East, strengthen Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and form a united front against Iran.

Mohebali reminded, ‘In fact, the containment of Iran is part of the US’ strategy in the region, and the United States intends to form a coalition against the country by the states and Israel and NATO.’

The expert stated, ‘At the same time, the US’ cooperation with the coalition of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE has widened, and on the other hand, given the severity of Tehran’s relations with Riyadh and the rise of Iran-Israel conflict, practical closeness by the regeme has been increased.’