Turkey, Iran, Russia cooperation in Idlib angers Israel

IRNA – Regional cooperation between Turkey, Iran and Russia, and the compromise and agreement of the three countries to resolve the Syrian Idlib problem, prompted Israel’s anger, said Yiğit Bulut, senior advisor to Erdoğan.

Bulut stated that the Zionist regime, through advanced American technologies, has always engaged in various assassinations and thereby pressure regional governments, but in recent years we have seen military technology in countries such as Turkey and Iran in cooperation with Russia, has more than 70% indigenous and largely upgraded, which has lowered the status of the Zionist regime in the region.

He emphasized that the increase of military-economy power in the countries of the region, especially in Iran, Turkey and Russia, has allowed the crises to be resolved without the presence of the West and with the views of the three countries, and of course, the close cooperation between Ankara, Moscow and Tehran, has angered Washington and Tel Aviv so much that it can easily be seen in the face of American officials and the Zionist regime in dealing with the problem of Idlib.

Less than three weeks ago, Iran, Russia and Turkey met in a tripartite meeting in Tehran on Syria and Idlib, but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan disagreed with his allies about military strike against Idlib calling for the opportunity to be given to those who are viewed by the legitimate government of Syria and its allies as takfiri terrorists, and Turkey calls some of them moderate opponents.