RIPI to host 7th Nano Technology Conference

SHANA – The Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is to play host to the 7th International Nano-Technology and Science Conference from September 26 to 28.

Alimorad Rashidi, head of the nano-research center at RIPI and secretary of the conference, said the biennial event had received 400 articles on nano-technology and research of which 300 were posters and speech proposals.

He further said 22 speakers were invited to the conference of whom 6 are leading experts on nano technology from the US, Australia, the UK and Spain.

Rashidi further said that the keynote speeches would concern such topics as the future of nano technology, oil industry catalysts, nano materials, and electrochemical processes in nano materials.

Furthermore, technical workshops will be held on the sidelines of the conference, he added.

Iran ranks 4th in the world in nano-technology after China, the US and Japan, he further said, adding 250 knowledge-based companies in Iran are active in the field of nano-technology and have so far produced and commercialized various nano-products.