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US approaches to terrorism contradictory

IRNA- Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman by rejecting the annual US State Department report on terrorism, said that the release of such reports reflects the double standard policies and contradictory approaches of Washington over the past decades.

Rejecting the US State Department’s annual report on terrorism on Sunday which raised allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bahram Qasemi said, ‘Baseless allegations have been raised against the Islamic Republic of Iran in this report while with the terrorist attack which took place in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, the world came to realize the fact that Iran itself is one of the main victims of terrorism.’

He added, ‘This is a very clear and objective fact that the regimes such as the United States have ignored it over the past decades and are still continuing to support the extremist and terrorist groups under anti terror mask and slogans in a bid to advance their goals.’

Qasemi added that the policy of various US administrations to create, strengthen, support and disperse terrorist groups in different parts of the world with an aim of destabilizing other countries has a long history, and publishing such annual reports, aimed at acquitting themselves and blaming others only reflects the double standard polices and contradictory approaches of the country over past decades.

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