Shia, Sunni scholars condemn Ahvaz terrorist attack

IRNA – Lebanon Assembly of Muslim Scholars comprising dozens of Shia and Sunni scholars of the country in a statement on Saturday denounced terrorist attack in Ahvaz, describing it as one of the US plots to undermine Iran’s campaign for helping oppressed people.

What happened today revealed full coordination between the US and Takfiri groups which serve as tools in the hands of the US and Zionist regime to deal blow the Islamic Ummah, the statement said.

Noting that the US and regional forces are behind the crime, the scholars underlined Iran’s full right to give a crushing response to the evil act.

Lebanon Assembly of Muslim Scholars announced that Iran’s practical response to the crime is continuation of support for the liberation and resistance forces, especially resistance movement ranging from Palestine to Lebanon and Syria, the statement said.

The scholars also expressed condolences to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian nation and armed forces over the tragic incident and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims.