Defense Minister: Iran to give tough response to terrorists

IRNA – Iran’s defense minister, in response to the recent terrorist attack in Ahvaz, said that a harsh and surprising response is awaiting the terrorists.

Extending conolence on the martyrdom of a group of innocent people in Ahvaz terrorist attack and condemning the despicable move of the malicious enemies of the Iranian nation, Brigadier General Hatami said that this blind act again has shown the weakness of the global arrogant powers and that of their inordinate puppets in the region, and the authority and dignity of the Islamic Iran in the global arena due to their inability to confront the powerful Islamic Iran.

The Iranian defense minister said that the enemy has been forced to attack defenseless people of Iran.

Referring to the coincidence of Ahvaz’s terrorist attack with the anniversary of the imposed war on Iran by Saddam, General Hatami said that the same thinking that caused Saddam to initiate the imposition of the eight-year war on a resisting Iranian nation today is in another form an attempt to create disagreement and harm the great nation of Iran and undermine sustainable security.

‘The incident proved that after about four decades of imposed war, the country and the nation should strengthen the spirit of defense and resistance more than ever, and given the threats and repeated aggression of the enemies to the security frontiers of Islamic Iran, the achievement of defense capability is not only the need of the country today, but also an indisputable necessity and the notion of the need for defense weapons pursued by the Americans is completely false, and obsolete,’ he added.