Thailand extradites 10 Iranian prisoners

MNA – A source at Iranian embassy in Thailand said Mon. that the south eastern country handed over 10 sentenced Iranian nationals earlier this week to serve the remainder of their sentences in their home country.

A source in Iranian embassy in Thailand told IRNA news agency on Monday that earlier this year two other detainees had been transferred to Iran by the Thai officials, bringing the number of prisoners Thailand has so far extradited since the start of the new Iranian year (beginning on March 21) to 12.

Meanwhile, the Iranian embassy has reported on its Twitter page ( that a number of 43 other detainees will be extradited to Iran in the near future, bringing the overall number of extradited detainees to 55 this year.

Iran and Thailand signed an extradition treaty on February 24, 2011 in Bangkok.

According to the source in the Iranian embassy, some Iranians travel to Thailand with the aim of gaining some fake passports there to immigrate to European countries, but upon their arrival at Bangkok airports, the Thai police detain and imprison them.