Rouhani presence at UN securing national interests: MP

IRNA – A senior MP said that the presence of Iran’s president at the United Nations and the use of global platforms could be a factor in achieving national interests and emphasizing the historical interests of the Iranian people in international affairs.

‘In the international arena and foreign policy, there is a general rule, diplomacy,’ said Mustafa Kavakebian, on the participation of Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani in the United Nations General Assembly meeting on Sunday.

He added that the use of these global platforms is definitely in the interest of national interests, saying that international venues and organizations are the most important means to realize this public diplomacy.

The representative of the Tehran people in the parliament noted that on the sidelines of these trips, dozens of meetings could be held to increase national interests and reflect the positions of the Iranian nation in various international and global arenas.

Kavakebian emphasized, ‘I believe that we should not stop using this instrument, but at the same time I believe that in this area, precise planning should be done to achieve maximum benefits.’

He said that meeting with the international elite, American and international scholars, and arranged discussions such as proof of Trump’s unequivocal policy, unilateral sanctions against the Iranian people, Zionist aggression are among the tools the president could use.

He acknowledged that participation in international fora as an important instrument in the field of diplomacy, and noted that ‘we can minimize the impact of unilateral and cruel sanctions in coordination with some countries, including Europeans.’