Putin highly regards Ayatollah Khamenei’s viewpoints

MNA – Senior Adviser to Iranian Leader, Ali Akbar Velayati, said on Sat. that Russian President Vladimir Putin attaches great deal of importance to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and his viewpoints.

The former Iranian foreign minister made the remarks on Saturday morning while answering the questions posed by the participants at the Scientific Seminar on Defining Iran’s Strategic Foreign Policies with the theme of “A View on the East” at Islamic Revolution Institute in Tehran.

During the Q&A session after his address, Mr. Velayati rejected the point made in a question posed by some participants that ideology does not play a role in the foreign policy of the western countries.

“There is no country or bloc in the world that does not move within the framework of a collection of aspirations which can be named causes or values. Even the US, which is pioneering to make it uncertain in especially Islamic countries in the third world, is the most idealistic country among the westerners and sometimes they have explicitly expressed this fact. You can see that after the intentional or unintentional destruction of the twin [world] trade [center] towers in this country by their own people or enemies of US, some smart Americans reasoned that it was done by Americans themselves,” he said.

“The crusade has just begun;” Bush junior said this, spilling the beans about their secret intentions.

This word is enough to make us know that how they look at us i.e. the Islamic world. Earlier the essay, titled as the Clash of Civilizations, by the Jewish Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington, who has passed away now, was published and translated into Farsi. He says that we would witness a clash between civilizations of Christianity, including the Catholics and the Orthodox, with both Islamic and Confucian civilizations in the future and there will be bloody conflicts separating these civilizations from each other,” he recounted.

“Huntington addressed a conference in Cyprus concurrent with the American planes’ bombardment of Kosovo where the majority are Muslims. He said that the bombardment was one of those conflicts and an example. He supported the extremist measure undertaken by Bush junior. In fact, he held that with war on Iraq, US had demolished the infrastructures in this country to later exchange Iraq’s oil with constructing infrastructures for this country,” asserted the Iranian veteran diplomat.

“Even 164 of American intellectuals, including Samuel Huntington, wrote a letter to Bush and approved of all his measures. Even if we pay attention to Cyprus, we see that it is divided into two regions; the southern part which is inhabited by Christians and Orthodox Christians and the northern part that is inhabited by Muslims and Turks. The interesting point is that the southern region is part of the European Union but the northern part is not yet included in the European Union,” he said.

“Without idealism it is impossible. Even liberal democracy is a cause. So it is not like that they don’t follow any idealism. Basically no political movement happens in the world by any country that is free from the framework of any ideology or cause,” he continued.