Iranian embassy attack, France’ act of revenge on Iran: MP

MNA – A member of Iran-France Parliamentary Friendship Group said the attack by a group of terrorists on Iranian embassy in Paris seems to be an act of revenge on the part of France against the Islamic Republic.

Mohammad Dehghan told Mehr News correspondent on Sun. that France’s approach of double standards has facilitated the presence of terrorist organizations in the European country to plan for causing damage to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Iran’s embassy in France is part of the Iranian territory and the French government is liable for protecting the diplomatic sites and their staff under international conventions and diplomatic norms,” said Dehghan, referring to the attack by a number of anti-Iran elements who caused damage to the embassy building in Paris by throwing objects at it, when they failed to invade the building.

Dehghan then maintained that some reports point to negligence on the part of France, saying there is suspicion that the terrorist group had been acting in coordination with the French government.

“It seems like France had intended to carry out an act of revenge on the Islamic Republic for its failures in Iraq and Syria, and that is why the European country cooperated with the Komala terrorist group and has now kept silent toward their acts,” he added.

He further called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry to summon the French ambassador and obtain the required guarantees for providing the security of Iranian diplomatic sites in France.