Supervisory, intelligence agencies endeavor for economic management

IRNA – Secretary of the Guardian Council Ahmad Jannati urged dealing with the economic disturbances, management of economic situation as soon as possible, and said that more attention of the supervisory and intelligence agencies is needed.

Addressing the beginning of the council’s meeting, Ayatollah Jannati referred to some of the economic and social problems of the society, the instability of the currency and coin markets, hoarding of the essential goods and the creation of the black market as unacceptable and emphasized that this trend was never good for the country.

The secretary-general of the Guardians Council pointed to the existence of forged companies and the discovery of large warehouses of hoarded goods as a sign of the need for more attention and control by the Supervisory and intelligence agencies, and argued that the profiteers in a short time plundered billions of property from the people.

Ayatollah Jannati demanded the rapid distribution of hoarded goods and expressed hope that the economic situation would soon be resolved by the efforts of revolutionary and believers.