Bringing Iran oil exports to zero impossible: MP

SHANA – A member of the Iranian parliament said, “Bringing Iran’s oil exports to zero is practically impossible.”

According to the parliament’s website, ICANA, Behrouz Nemati, who is also a member of the parliament’s presiding board, underlined US energy minister’s recent meeting with his Russian and Saudi counterparts, saying such meetings are natural and Iranian officials will have similar meetings with their foreign counterparts to broaden the country’s energy diplomacy, too.

“That the US says it seeks to bring Iran’s oil export on international markets to zero is practically impossible, and as an example India openly said it would not stop buying oil from Iran in a recent visit of US Secretary of State Pompeo to New Delhi.”

The MP said Saudi Arabia has been rumored to exceed its production quota in OPEC, adding Iranian Ministry of Petroleum and the Energy Committee of the parliament are also working out strategies to scale up the country’s energy diplomacy.

Although it is sometimes heard that Saudi Arabia is taking steps to increase its output, it is believed that they have to undergo a lot of pressure for such production increase above the current levels, Mr. Nemati added.