Enemy’s threat rises Iranian nation motivation for victory

IRNA – Head of Iran’s Basij Organization said that if the threat of the enemy further rises ‘our motivation will increase to reach the peaks of conquest and victory’.

Brigeder General Gholam Hossein Gheyebparvar added, ‘The enemy did not threaten us.’ ‘We have learned that every conquest and victory comes out of danger and threat.’

‘We are not disappointed with the difficulties of our times, because disappointment is unacceptable in the teaching of revolution. This era is difficult, but it certainly goes away and we have no doubt about the realization of a clear future.’

‘Even though the economic problems make people bitter and frustrated of the mismanagement of some directors and we are complaining of not using the potential of Basij, this is not a disappointment,’ he noted.

He said, ‘The enemy wanted us not to see 40th years of the revolution, but we have vowed to stand up for the Islamic Revolution, and during this forty years and during the holy defense we proved that we can stand by religion and revolution by God’s grace and in this regard we have no doubt. We have shown that at the time of problems the Guard corps and the Basijis will stand by the people.