Larijani hails bilateral relations with Russia, Belarus

MNA – The speaker of Iranian parliament Ali Larijani said Wed. Russia and Belarus have been Iran’s friends for a long time.

Ali Larijani made the remarks in Tehran before embarking on a journey to Russia and Belarus at the head of a parliamentary delegation for a two-day visit.

Larijani said that the Iranian parliamentary delegation’s visit to Russia is in continuation of talks with the Russian Duma speaker, during which they had agreed to form a joint commission between the two parliaments to pursue various projects between the two countries in different fields.

He also said that the visit to Belarus is aimed at developing cooperation in various areas.

He pointed out that on the journey, he is accompanied by representatives of various commissions and ministries such as the Ministry of Oil, Industry, Mine and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance to follow up on issues of mutual interest in Russia and Belarus.

The Iranian parliament speaker further noted that Russia and Belarus have been Iran’s friends for a long time.

Furthermore, he said, expansion of bilateral relations with them is on the agenda of the visit.