Iran supporting new Iraqi government

IRNA – The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad announced that it will support the new Iraqi government, as it has been before.

In the statement, a copy of which was given to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the embassy congratulated the opening of the fourth round of the Iraqi National Parliament, calling the event as a major success and an important step towards political and security stability in Iraq.

The statement states that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always attached special importance to its relations with Iraq and emphasized the continued cooperation, protection and coordination in various fields of political, security, economic and cultural affairs with Iraq despite some efforts are being made to create a negative atmosphere and to hurt the relations between the two countries.

The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad has emphasized that Tehran, as it has done with all previous Iraqi governments, will cooperate with the new government of the country, which will be elected by the new parliament and constitutionally, although some parties are trying to mar relations between the two countries.

The statement added that the Iranian embassy in Baghdad has emphasized its full cooperation and support for the Iraqi government and nation to solve its problems, including the problems of the province of Basra, and that the two countries will witness brotherly, firm and stable relations.

The 4th round of the Iraqi parliament officially began on Monday.

The registration and announcement of a large coalition (fraction), which will have the authority to form a new government, is one of the first important missions of the new parliament.