South Korea ready to train Iran’s small industries

IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade said that the Ministry of Small Industries of South Korea has declared its readiness to improve the technology of training and problem solving of small and medium-sized enterprises in Iran.

Sadegh Najafi said on Monday at a news conference at the Organization of Small Industries and Industrial Towns of Iran,’ More than 90 percent of the country’s industries are small and medium-sized enterprises, and they are facing grievous problems.’

He stated that the relations between small and medium-sized Iranian companies with target countries have long been on the agenda, and with countries such as South Korea, Austria, Germany and Turkey, which are in this section have similarities with Iran, negotiations and even memoranda of understanding were signed.

According to him, about 70% of South Korea’s exports are related to small and medium-sized enterprises, and only four million start-ups are operating in the country.

Najafi pointed to the signing of a memorandum with the South Korean’s deputy minister of industry last week, and said, ‘All the officials in the country’s small industry sector have been prepared to work with Iran despite sanctions, and called for continued cooperation.’

He added, ‘In this Memorandum, the development of cooperation in the field of new technologies (as a missing link for small and medium enterprises), as well as promotion of educational topics, cooperation in the field of research and development, as well as clinics and problem solving of small and medium enterprises and the market and marketing are on the agenda.’

The director general of Iran’s Small Industries and Industrial Townships traveled to Seoul last week to exchange memorandum and expand cooperation with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and South Korea’s startups, as well as attend the seventh Technology Center meeting of Small and Medium Enterprises of Iran and South Korea.