Bahram Qassemi

Iran, Europe hold intensive talks on monetary, banking issues

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said “we have held a lot of talks on the various financial, monetary, and banking sectors with the European side, which I do not currently mention in detail.”

Speaking durng his weekly press conference on Monday, Ghasemi pointed to the trilateral summit that will be held in the Iranian capital Tehran on Sept. 7, saying “the summit in Tehran will be a continuation of talks previously held at the level of experts and ministers,” underlining that Syrian long-standing crisis will not be resolved with one meeting, and only a political solution would guarantee the stability of Syria and the territorial integrity of the war-torn country.

Pointing to EU proposal packages on JCPOA, Ghasemi said regarding the cementing of future cooperation between Iran and Europe, some meetings and talks have been held since a few months earlier with some proposals that are under review, but as yet we have not reached the final stage. We hope to be able to achieve a good result and Europe will soon offer a package to protect Iran’s interest.

Ghasemi added that “we had a lot of discussions with the European side on different areas of finance, money, banking and other economic issues that we do not currently mention in detail.”