Iran’s banking system can deal with sanctions

IRNA – Spokesman for National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Majlis said that the banking system of the country is intelligent and ready to take all necessary measures to deal with sanctions.

Explaining on the meeting of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis, Ali Najafi Khoshroudi said on Monday that a meeting was held with the participation of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Central Bank, and managers of public and private banks.

He added that during this meeting, the latest status of the effects of the US sanctions and the conditions of the Banking activity of the Islamic Republic of Iran before and after the 2015 Nuclear Agreement, after the departure of the United States, was discussed.

Najafi Khoshroudi added, ‘Bank managers pointed out at the meeting that despite the fact that some of the world’s major banks did not cooperate with Iran, however, after reaching agreement, the conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s banking activities at the international level and the establishment of brokerage relations were greatly facilitated. And now, although we face challenges and problems, many countries, including allies are not happy with the US unilateral policies.

The spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said, ‘Unlike the previous sanctions, the new sanctions are merely US sanctions, not sanctions by the United Nations and the European Union.’

He underlined that the psychological and economic war on the Islamic Republic of Iran need paying heed to the fact not to provide the US with any lame excuses. The parliament was considering the activities of banks in the face of sanctions.