Brigadier General Moussa Kamali

Iranian gold medalists in Asian games avoid military service

MNA – Iran’s Public Conscription Organization has announced that all the winners of gold medals in 2018 Asian games have earned exemption from mandatory military service.

According to the chief of the human resources department of Iran’s Public Conscription Organization Brigadier General Moussa Kamali said on Saturday that all the Iranian athletes who won a gold medal in 2018 Asian games in Indonesia have also won exemption from mandatory military service based on a law called ‘Champion Soldier.’

Iran attended the 2018 Asian games with 378 sports men and women in team and individual sports, and collected a total of 62 (20 gold, 20 silver and 22 bronze) medals to finish the Asian tournament in sixth place in the medals table, after China, Japan and South Korea, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, Kamali said that according to the law, the holders of silver medals in world competitions in addition to gold medalists can get exemption from military service as well.

Military service, which can last up to 24 months, is compulsory for all Iranian males aged between 18 and 50.