Ex-envoy sees bright future for Iran-Iraq ties

Tasnim – Iran’s former ambassador to Iraq ruled out the possibility of any serious vacuum in Tehran-Baghdad relations, saying the two neighbors will definitely bolster their ties despite obstructive policies of the US and Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Tasnim, Hassan Danaeifar said Iran and Iraq have formed “integrated relations” and will keep boosting ties without any serious vacuum in their economic, social and cultural interaction.

Asked about the negative impact of the US sanctions on Iran-Iraq economic partnership, the former ambassador said, “I believe that those sanctions could not pose an obstacle to the relations between Iran and Iraq. The two countries have broad tourism ties and enjoy remarkable economic interaction. So the ties would not be easily damaged.”

He also denounced the hostile attempts at harming Iran-Iraq friendship, saying, “Some countries like Saudi Arabia and the US do not like Iran-Iraq ties, seek to upset them, and try to affect their audience by spreading rumors.”

Last month, Iran’s Foreign Ministry hailed the growing relations with Iraq and said Tehran plans to boost its cooperation with Baghdad after formation of the new government in the Arab country.

In August, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq disagreed with US sanctions on Iran and would do anything “to protect the interest of our people”.