US Daily: Iranian Jews live in peace

IRNA – USA Today newspaper wrote in a report that members of the Jewish community in Iran live peacefully and feel safe and respect.

The report states that the Iranian government allows thousands of Jews in the country to worship and coexist in peace.

‘We have all the necessary facilities for our ceremony, and we can do our prayers so freely,’ Rabbi Nejat Glashiri of a synagogue in Iran told the USA Today journalist. ‘We have never had a problem and we are very respected. You can see that we have no security forces to protect this place.’

According to the Jewish community in Iran, today between 12-15 thousand Jews live in Iran.

‘Although the Jews are a small minority, Iran is hosting the largest Jewish community in the Middle East,’ said the daily wrote.

Homayoun Najaf Abadi, 53, a member of the Jewish community in Iran, said, ‘The majority of Muslims in Iran have accepted us. In Iran, we are treated with respect and have never been threatened.’

This American newspaper refers to the peaceful and respectful life of Jews in Iran while the Zionist and anti-Islamic media have always tried to disrupt the Iranian government’s face in dealing with the followers of religious minorities, including Jews.

The history of the presence of Jews in Iran dates back to three thousand years ago, and at present, the Iranian Jewish community has a seat in the Majlis(Parliament), and followers of the Jewish faith have the same rights and benefits as other Iranian citizens.