Official: Iran to use 1,300-hp national engine in marine industry soon

FNA – Head of the Marine Industries Organization of Iran General Amir Rastegari announced that the country’s first home-made national engine for marine use with 1,300 horsepower will be prepared and utilized by the end of the current Iranian year (started on March 21).

“The national 1,300-hp engine will be put into operation by the yearend,” General Rastegari said on Saturday.

He added that Iran has also gained self-sufficiency in manufacturing combined gearboxes, noting that the country has also been able to renovate 5,000-hp power transfer systems and gearboxes.

In a relevant development earlier this year, Iran inaugurated the production line of a home-made 1300-horsepower hybrid diesel engine.

The new national diesel engine comes in two types of hybrid and gasoline-consumption types and its production line was inaugurated in the presence of the defense, road and industry ministers as well as the vice-president for scientific affairs.

“The diesel engine is one of the technologies and industries that enemies were attempting through sanctions not to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to acquire,” Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said.

He added that the diesel engine has different applications, including in railway, road, marine, oil, power and defense industries, noting that the defense ministry will use it in the navy and production of armored equipment.

The Iranian experts have made huge progress in building various types of diesel engines.