No damage to life or property reported in Isfahan earthquake

IRNA – Director General of the Crisis Management Department of Isfahan said that according to the evaluation team the earthquake in the east of Isfahan did not cause any damage to life or property.

After the 4.9-magnitude earthquake occurred at 8:47 local time Tuesday (4:17 GMT), the eastern part of Isfahan, two aftershocks also hit the area, Mansour Shisheforosh said.

He added, ‘At 9:35, a tremor measuring 2.7 on Richter scale and at 10:45 another 2.1-magnitude quake shook the same area.

The official added, ‘Following this morning quake, five assessment teams were sent to the eastern parts of Isfahan to assess possible damage, but no damage was observed.’

The earthquake took place east of Isfahan around Hasan Abad and Varzaneh Tuesday morning.

According to the Seismological Center of the Geophysics Institute of Tehran University, the tremor occurred at 8:47 hours local time (4:17 GMT) in an area located at 73.52 degrees latitude and 82.31 degrees longitude and at the depth of 7 km underground.

Iran sits on major fault lines and is prone to near-daily earthquakes.