Iran’s envoy: Opponents of Iran-Iraq ties seeking excuses

IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Iraj Masjedi said on Monday that opponents of Iran-Iraq relations are seeking excuses to mar cultural and historic bonds between the two nations, but they will get nowhere.

In a meeting with a group of Iraqi Resistance Front media activists, he added that enemies of the two nations are trying to create discord among the Iranians and Iraqis one day under various titles such as Arab-Fars, Shia-Sunni and interference in each other’s affairs.

“The Iraqi people including Shia, Sunni and Kurd are our brothers and that’s the same deep historic bond between the two nations which has prompted millions of pilgrims and passengers to visit each other’s countries,” he said.

Among four million Iranian pilgrims and two million Iraqi passengers, some may commit offenses, but the enemies are trying to generalize the cases to all the Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims by magnifying the issues, Masjedi said.

“Roots of bonds between the two nations are so strong that such measures will get nowhere and bilateral ties will get stronger day by day,” he said.

Iran will stand alongside Iraq in post-Daesh Iraq, as it was standing beside it in the fight against the notorious terrorist group, he said.

Masjedi also called on the two countries’ media to work for bringing the two countries closer to each other in contrast to attempts to distance them from each other.

Iraqi media activists also appreciated Iran’s support to their country, reiterating their reciprocal backing to the Iranian nation and government against US unilateral measures against the Iranian nation.