Tehran to help Syrian reconstruction: Iran Def Min.

IRNA  – The defense agreement between Iran and Syria includes reconstruction of the Syrian Army and defense industries to revive the country and restore its military power, said the minister of defense of Iran.

‘The agreement was signed between Tehran and Damascus in a condition that Syria enjoys a better situation than before,’ Brigadier-General Amir Hatami told al-Mayadeen news channel.

Iran’s defense minister arrived in Damascus on Sunday for a two-day visit.

Upon his arrival at Damascus international airport, Hatami was welcomed by senior Syrian military and defense officials, Iranian envoy to Syria Javad Torkabadi and Iran’s military attaché to Damascus Brigadier General Alinejad.

Regarding Hezbollah, General Hatami said, ‘Hezbollah is an independent organization with an excellent record of resisting against occupiers and defending Lebanon, which is very powerful in politics and defense and plays an important role in the country.’

He added Iran is intended to have friendly ties with its neighbor and countries of the region because security cannot be provided unless there is cooperation between these countries.

General Hatami said that the security cannot be provided by foreign countries that have nothing to do with the region; it has already failed.

‘By cooperating, the regional countries should prevent others from interfering in the affairs of the region and enter an arms race.’