Turkish Airlines

Turkey ready for transporting Iranian passengers after EU firms stop working

IRNA – Turkish airlines voiced readiness to offer air transport services to Iranian passengers after European companies stopped working in the country.

Turkish Daily Star wrote in a report on its website titled ‘Westerners went, Iranian passengers will travel via Turkish companies’ that the Turkish firms will cover up for the European companies in offering Iranians air services.

The media outlet also said that after withdrawal of the European firms from Iran’s air transportation market, it is predicted that the number of Iranian passengers using Turkish flights would increase by 20 percent.

European companies including British Ariways, Air France and Dutch Company KLM have announced that they will suspend services for Iranian passengers as of next month for economic reasons.

According to the daily, grounds are prepared for the Turkish firms to replace the European counterparts to provide services to Iranian passengers.

Most of the Iranian passengers are bound for Europe and the US and Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Air are operating regular flights to the European and American cities and meet Iranian passengers’ demands if European companies stop working in the country.