US threatens military action against Damascus

IRNA – The US national security advisor in a meeting with his Russian counterpart in Geneva, once again threatened military action against Syria, according to Western media.

‘At a Thursday meeting in Geneva, National Security Adviser John Bolton told his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev, that America is prepared to respond with greater military force than it has used against [Bashar] Assad’s regime in the past,’ wrote Bloomberg on Saturday, quoting informed sources.

The news was given to Bloomberg by four sources, who asked not to be identified because the content of talks hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

Washington alleges that the Syrian government uses chemical weapons against its own people, a claim strongly denied by Damascus.

Syria and its regional allies, including Iran blame the chemical attacks on terrorists who have the backing of Western powers and who are supplied by them with the wherewithal they need to go on with their terrorist activities in the war-torn nation.

The US still has about 2,000 troops in northeast Syria.

In April 2017, US warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired about 60 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase which had allegedly been used during a chemical attack.

A year later, the UK and France joined the US in carrying out multiple airstrikes against government sites.