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US unilateral sanctions against Iran illegitimate

IRNA – The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Unilateral Coercive Measures called the United States’ reimposition of unilateral sanctions against Iran as illegitimate, outrageous and harmful.

In a statement at the UN office in Geneva on Monday Idriss Jazairy called the US sanctions against Iran as unfair and detrimental. He also warned against the spread of economic war in the world.

He underlined that re-imposing of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran following the unilateral withdrawal in May of US from nuclear deal which was approved by consensus through Security Council resolution and also approved by the United States, reveals the illegitimacy of such measures.

Jazairy stated that the permanent members of the Security Council and indeed all international partners are endorsing the illegitimacy of the aforementioned sanctions.

‘International sanctions must have legitimate and proportionate aims and do not harm the ordinary citizens; this is while none of the criteria about sanctions against Iran have been observed,’ the UN official added.

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