Bahram Qassemi

Every madman thinks all other men mad: Iran’s FM spokesman to US’ Bolton

ISNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi responded to US’ National Security Adviser, John Bolton’s claims about Iran’s intention to meddle US’ Congress election, saying, every madman thinks all other men mad.

Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Qassemi mentioned to the recent misbehavior of some foreign embassies such as Italian and German embassies in Tehran with Iranian citizens and said he had received some reports on the issue and he’s reviewing them.

“We recommend foreign embassies in Tehran to preserve Iranian citizens’ right and present proper and comprehensive consular facility to them,” he added.

Pointing out to the recent reports, claiming Iran and Saudi Arabia are negotiating to reopen their embassies in Tehran and Riyadh, the spokesman expressed his unawareness on the issue.

Responding to the news, asserting that Trump and Putin agreed on Iranian forces’ withdrawal from Syria during their meeting in Helsinki, Qassemi insisted, “As I have said before, people shouldn’t pay attention to some news, published by media. Spreading such contrasting news, especially the one that are related to Iran issues, follows particular purposes”.

“It seems that a serious campaign has been waged to influence Iran-Russia relations,” the Iranian official said, adding “They try to infiltrate Iran-Russia cooperation on regional issues, including Syria by publishing fake news on the issue to influence public views and create a distance between the two neighboring countries”.

Stressing that Iran has military advisory role in Syria, Qassemi said, “Unlike the US-led coalition, Iran’s presence in Syria has been based on an official request by Damascus to help it with the fight against terrorism and definitely we will help the country in reconstructing phase”.

Announcing that the trilateral meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey is expected to be held in Tehran before September 22 and the exact date of the meeting is to be determined, the Iranian official stated that the preparations of the summit are underway.