Hakim: Iraq’s special ties with Iran should be taken into account

IRNA – Leader of the Iraqi National Wisdom Movement Ammar Hakim warned Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, Brett McGurk that other countries should take into account Iraq’s relations with neighbors, particularly Iran.

In a meeting with McGurk on Saturday, he reiterated his opposition to economic sanctions, saying that Iran has special ties with its neighbors, particularly Iraq, which should be taken into account by other countries.

He also renewed calls for holding constructive talks for ending conflicts in the region so that the regional nations will live in peace and move toward prosperity and economic growth.

During the meeting, the cleric also pointed out that establishment of new government in the country should take into account the conditions set by the religious sources of emulation and fulfill ideals of the Iraqi people.

Stressing the need for ending political disputes and keeping the government away from political disputes, he said that national interests should be prioritized in the establishment of the upcoming government.