Iran top regional power in producing defense technologies

IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran is a superior regional power in manufacturing defense technologies in the Middle East, said the deputy defense minister on Friday.

In a pre-sermon speech on Friday in Ahwaz, Abu Taleb Shafaqat referred to the designation of August 22 as ‘Day of Defense Industries’, saying that no decision is made today in the world without seeking Iran’s view.

“The Iranian nation has managed to extend its strategic depth in the region and impose it on its enemies, the Great Satan and its mercenaries such as Israel and Al Saud,” he said.

“The imposed war and sanctions taught us big lessons,” he said, noting that today, Iran’s defense sector has reached a stage that it not only meets the country’s industrial needs but also it is able to provide the region with various strategic products.

Iran produced various short-range and long-range missiles, as one of them hit IS positions in Deir Ezzor province in Syria, 700 km from the launch site, he said.

Iran has used all its capacities as a big power in the region to produce defense technologies it needs, but in the era of US-backed former regime, Iran was greatly dependent on the aliens.

During Pahlavi era, 40,000 American advisors were officially present in Iran’s armed forces playing roles in the country’s defense sector and this reveals depth of the enemies’ influence in the Iranian armed forces, the official said.