Iran able to fully thwart threats: Sayyari

MNA – Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army Real Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that Iranian government and nation enjoy high capability and can thwart conspiracies and plots waged by enemies against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking in a local ceremony held on Thursday, Sayyari said, “undoubtedly, Islamic Republic of Iran, under its wise leadership, can foil conspiracies of enemies waged against the country.”

After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, enemies of the country left no stone unturned and tried their utmost efforts to undermine the true image of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the global arena, he said, adding, “creating ethnic and religious conflicts, launching wave of terror and also an imposed war against the country were of the main goals of enemy to confront with the Establishment in the early years of the Islamic Revolution.”

The enemies do not want to understand that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not tolerate the bullying, hegemony and colonization of others, Sayyari maintained.

“If we fail to resist against the enemies, they will certainly attack the country. In this regard, increasing defensive and military power, as well as promoting spirituality and faith are of the most effective strategies to strengthen deterrence against the enemy.”

Today, the country is practically involved in the soft war, he said, adding, “in the current situation, it is logical to use the Quranic concepts and safeguard values of the Islamic Revolution in the best form possible.”

Imposition of sanctions by US on Iran is one of the threats facing the country and in this regard, US wants to exert more economic pressures against Iran, he said, adding, “we are confident that the country will be able to overcome threats considerably.”