latest Saudi airstrike in Yemen ‘unprecedented case of crimes against humanity’

MNA – Iranian Health minister has described the latest Saudi-led coalition air strike on a bus in Yemen as an unprecedented case of crimes against humanity in separate letters to WHO and UNICEF, as well as the health ministers of the Islamic countries.

Iranian Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi has written separate letters to the Director general of World Health Organization (WHO) and the president of UINICEF, as well as the health ministers of Islamic countries to warn them against the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, calling for a global response to the Yemeni crisis.

He condemned the brutal killing of the defenseless and oppressed Yemeni people, calling on international organizations to prevent killing of innocent children anywhere in the world as their most important responsibility.

He also called the international bodies’ silence against such crimes unacceptable, noting that the respect for human rights and preserving the health of all human beings, especially children, women and the elderly, and dealing with human catastrophes and war crimes as every government and international organization’s duty.

The Iranian health minister’s letters are a reaction to Saudi and UAE-led coalition’s air strikes last Thursday which killed 52 children injuring 77 more traveling on a bus through a market in Yemen’s Saada province.