Iraq NSC stresses importance of distinguished ties with Iran

IRNA – The National Security Council of Iraq on Sunday underlined the importance of preserving the distinguished ties with Iran.

In a session presided over by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the council also rejected the wrong interpretations of the remarks made recently by the Iraqi PM on anti-Iran sanctions.

Meanwhile, Iraqi government spokesman Sa’d al-Hadithi in a comment published by media termed the economic sanctions against the Iranian people as a ‘brutal and wrong’ measure.

He also said the Iraqi prime minister recently explained the stance of the Baghdad government that the choice of sanctions was wrong and detrimental to people.

Al-Hadithi said as the Iraqi PM said Baghdad considers the sanctions as ‘incorrect’ but has to comply with parts of them which are related to financial transactions, bank orders and non-trading with dollars.

The Central Bank of Iraq issued a directive Friday, allowing all Iraqi banks to keep their trading ties with their Iranian counterparts based on euro.

In another development, Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji has reiterated that none of border crossings with Iran has been closed and will not be closed in the future.

He however explained that Washington’s anti-Iran measures did not include closure of border crossings or ban on imports from Iran but are related to non-transactions between the two countries with dollar.