Iran English language newspaper headlines on Monday, 13-08-2018

Iran Daily

Littoral states sign deal on Caspian Sea status
The five states bordering the resource-rich Caspian Sea signed a deal on its legal status on Sunday in the Kazakh city of Aktau, easing regional tensions and potentially facilitating lucrative oil and gas projects.

NASA launches mission to ‘touch Sun’
NASA on Sunday launched a $1.5 billion spacecraft toward the Sun on a historic mission to protect the Earth by unveiling the mysteries of dangerous solar storms.

US can’t dictate trade rules on others
German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier sharply criticized US President Donald Trump’s sanctions policies, saying Europe would not bow to US pressure regarding Iran.

1,800 evacuated as France defuses British WWII bomb
Some 1,800 people were ordered to evacuate their homes in northwest France on Sunday as a bomb squad defused a British bomb from World War II, officials said.

Russia says will ditch US securities amid sanctions
Russia will further decrease its holdings of US securities in response to new sanctions against Moscow but has no plans to shut down US companies in Russia, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on state TV on Sunday.

British officials reject US demand to drop support for Iran deal
Britain rejected a call by a US envoy to ditch its support for a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, saying the government was trying to protect British companies from the US sanctions when dealing with Iran.

Iran’s Mes Sungun claims Asian futsal club trophy
Iran’s Mes Sungun Varzaqan clinched its first AFC Futsal Club Championship title with a 4-2 win over Vietnam’s Thai Son Nam in the final on Sunday.

Peugeot must pay penalty for canceling Iran contract
An Iranian deputy minister said French automaker Peugeot has to pay penalty for backing out of a contract it had already signed with Iran.

Tehran Times

Talented conscripts can do military service at knowledge-based companies
The educated and talented conscripts can serve their two years of compulsory military service at knowledge-based companies, the chief conscription officer at the armed forces Mousa Kamali announced in a press conference on Sunday.

Health minister condemns killing of Yemeni students
In separate letters to the WHO director, health ministers of Islamic countries, and the UNICEF executive director, Iran’s health minister has warned about the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Yemen and called for a response from the international community against the tragedy.

‘SMEs should be exempted from paying value added tax for 6-12 months’
Iranian industry minister said small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should be exempted from paying value added tax for a period of six months to one year, IRNA reported.

Shifting equations between Zionists and their enemies
In recent weeks, it seems that the battle equations in the occupied territories have undergone massive changes between the Palestinian resistance groups and the Zionist regime.

Kurmanji colorful wedding ceremony
Kurmanji tribe wedding ceremonies are always joyous and colorful occasions, which mainly aim to keep ancient traditions alive.

Putin meets Rouhani, backs JCPOA
Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down for talks with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani on the sidelines of a Caspian Sea summit in Kazakhstan on Sunday.

Leader agrees to special courts on financial crimes
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has agreed to a request by Iran’s judiciary chief to set up special courts to swiftly deal with financial crimes.

IAEA expected to acknowledge Iran’s ‘constructive cooperation’
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is expected to reconfirm Iran’s compliance with its obligations under the 2015 nuclear agreement and acknowledge its “constructive cooperation” with the IAEA, the chair of the IAEA Board of Governors Darmansjah Djumala has said.

U.S. tells UK to back Trump over Iran or face trade ‘consequences’
The U.S. has told the UK to back President Donald Trump over his tough stance on Iran or face “serious trade consequences”.

Littoral states ban foreign forces in Caspian Sea
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that the five countries bordering the Caspian Sea have agreed to keep the sea out of the reach of foreign military forces.

Coastal nations sign convention on Caspian Sea legal status
In a closely watched summit on Sunday, the five littoral Caspian nations – Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – signed a legal convention on the inland Caspian Sea.