Pakistan to pursue economic ties with Iran despite US sanctions: Spokesman

MNA – Pakistan said Thu. that it reserves the right to ‘pursue legitimate economic and commercial interests’ with Iran despite risk of US sanctions.

“We are examining the implications of the US’ re-imposed sanctions on Iran,” Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal was quoted as saying by the Pksitani Express Tribune as telling reporters at his weekly news briefing.

“However, Pakistan, being a sovereign state, reserves the right to pursue legitimate economic and commercial interests while respecting the international legal regime,” Faisal added.

After the United States’ unlawful withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal also know as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the JCPOA) on May 8 and re-imposing sanctions on Iran’s economy, many countries, including the remaining parties to the deal as well as Iran’s neighbors such as Turkey, have announced that they will continue to trade with Iran despite the risk of sanctions.