Iran’s coverage: Rouhani’s chief of staff to deliver message to Erdogan

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Iran’s president sends envoy to Turkey

 The Iranian president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi left Tehran for Ankara on Thursday to convey a presidential message to Turkey.

Leader attends Dust Clearing ceremony at Imam Reza Shrine

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei visited the sacred grave of Imam Reza (as) in Iranian northeastern city of Mashhad to attend an annual ‘dust clearing’ ritual.

Official: Embassy handling daily affairs through reopened bank account

 Iran’s Embassy in UK has finally reopened its bank account in the country after years, an Iranian official from the embassy confirmed.

Iranian airman chosen top drone pilot in Army Games

An Iranian officer was named the top operator of unmanned aerial vehicles in the International Army Games 2018 in Kazakhstan.

Iran parliament adopts motions to support women, children

Iranian lawmakers have adopted a number of motions to further support and protect the rights of women and children in the Islamic Republic.

Iran envoy stresses G77 role in acting against US unilateralism

 Iran’s permanent envoy to Vienna-based intl. organizations highlighted the effective role of Group of 77 in countering unilateral coercive measures and promoting multilateralism.

Iraqi authority emphasizes standing by Iran

Leader of the Iraqi National Wisdom Movement Ammar Hakim said that Iran is strategic depth of Iraq, adding its ‘our duty to stand by Iran’.

As bans return, Iran speeds up work on own bitcoin

 Only a day after the US started to restore sanctions against Iran, the country appears to be speeding efforts to find ways around the bans – ways that include the development of an indigenous cryptocurrency.

Iran finishes 1st at Intl. Army Games Depth Competition

 Iranian Navy team of divers claimed first place in the Depth Competition event at the 2018 seven-nation Army Games in Nowshahr on Thursday after nine days of fierce competition.

Iran, North Korea seek closer ties amid US bans

On an official visit to Tehran, North Korea’s foreign minister highlights his country’s cordial and old-age relations with Iran, expressing satisfaction with growing bilateral relations amid US economic pressure on both states.