Sanctions on Iran are morally wrong – and they won’t work

The Guardian | : There is no justification for the US action. All sanctions will do is cause suffering for innocent people

More than a decade ago, when the dust had settled on their disastrous implementation in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, sanctions began to be described as the new emergency response to international incidents. They had become a kind of knee-jerk reaction. Sanctions were imposed by the international community during the war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, in Haiti after a military coup ousted the elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991, and the US had long used a trade embargo against Cuba’s communist regime. Like emergency numbers, sanctions were in danger of being used too much.

America’s latest sanctions, courtesy of Donald Trump, fall on Iran this week. Iranians are braced for a massive hit to manufacturing, commodities, energy and finance, with consequences for all aspects of ordinary life. The economy is already tanking with the currency falling.


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