Oslo trying to keep Tehran in JCPOA: Ambassador

IRNA – Norwegian Ambassador in Tehran Lars Nordrum said on Tuesday that Oslo urges Iran to comply with its commitments under the nuclear deal known as JCPOA.

In a meeting with Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, he expressed concern about US exit from the deal, saying that Oslo is trying to keep Tehran in the deal.

He further noted that Norway is interested in boosting ties with Iran beyond the JCPOA.

Noting that bilateral relations are at high levels, he said that economic and trade ties should be increased and Norway is opposed to sanctions against Iran.

Sanctions have adversely affected economic relations with Iran but the country is still eager to continue cooperation, he said.

Medium and small companies are interested in engaging in Iranian projects, Nordrum stressed.

Tehran and Oslo have been working in oil and gas fields, he said, noting that currently, small Norwegian companies are engaged in the field and some of them are not ready to cooperate with the US and are interested in investing in Iran.

Although Norway is not a member of EU, it is expecting to see what plan the EU will adopt for cooperation with Iran so that Norway will be able to continue collaboration with Tehran using the EU’s pattern.

Larijani, for his part, said that Iran-Norway ties are long-standing, adding that Norway has never had bad ties with Iran, but some European countries committed acts of oppression against Iran.

Stressing the need for promoting trade ties between Iran and Norway, he added that following the nuclear deal, certain Norwegian firms started activities in Iran.

Noting that developing renewable energies, solar power in particular, are among Iran’s priorities, Larijani said that development of renewable energies can prepare the ground for starting trade ties between the two countries.

Describing US President Donald Trump’s measures as detrimental to the region, he said that his antagonistic approach will not go unanswered.