Two terrorist attacks defused in S, W Iran: Intelligence Ministry

MNA – Iranian intelligence ministry in an announcement on Tuesday evening said that the ministry managed to foil two terrorist attacks in western and southern Iran.

Two terrorist operations intended to be carried out in Iranian western province of Kurdistan and southern province of Khuzestan were identified and defused by security agents of Iranian intelligence ministry, said the ministry issuing an announcement on Tuesday evening.

The terrorists were related to Takfirist and separatist groups. During the intelligence operation, 6 terrorists were arrested and their weapons and arms were seized. They carried six AK-47 rifles, three Uzi submachine guns, 17 pistols, eight grenades, night vision goggles, as well as a sizeable amount of ammunition.

In the case in Kurdistan, a blind attack was carried out by a terrorist throwing a grenade into a police station in Saqqez, which was foiled by the police force and no one sustained any injuries.

According to the documents seized, they intended to carry out several other terrorist attacks in Iranian central cities, reads the ministry’s statement.

Another plan to transport a big haul of explosives to conduct consecutive blasts in Iran was also foiled in this operation.