Senior Iranian MP calls for major changes in government’s economic policies

MNA – Member of the Iranian Parliament’s Presiding Board Ahmad Amirabadi said Tue. that the government’s approach to economy must change, calling for serious fight against nepotism and corruption.

“Firstly, the government’s economic approach must change. Secondly, it is better to remove those who are in conflict with the [national] interests from their positions and responsibilities,” Ahmad Amirabadi said on Tuesday.

Referring to the current economic situation of the country and the necessity of reshuffling the cabinet and the government’s economic team, Amirabadi called nepotism a major threat to the country’s economy.

He further called for new laws and regulations to be adopted in line with a transparent economy, stressing the need for changing the government’s economic policies.

The MP’s comments come at a time when Iranian currency the rial has lost nearly half of its value against foreign currencies over the past months.

Under internal pressures on the part of the opposition lawmakers and economic analysts, the Iranian cabinet changed the Central Bank of Iran(CBI) chief and appointed a new governor to it late last month.