US, Israel, S Arabia epitomes of suppression, violence, distrust

MNA – Addressing National Reporter’s Day on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said presidents of US, Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia are epitomes of suppression, violence and distrust.

“Those who violate international accords, easily infringe on the rights of the Palestinian people, and take the prime minister of a country hostage are epitomes of suppression, violence and distrust in the world,” Zarid said, naming US, Zionist regime, and Saudi Arabia.

For the past forty years, the vast majority of countries in the world were against us, and today it has completely changed, and only two or three regimes are against us, he added.

“Our current status is the effect of their psychological warfare against our nation, but nothing else will happen because they did everything they could.,” he noted, adding currently, moves made by the Zionist regime and the US provoke the psychological atmosphere against Iran, and for the various domestic reasons, they have taken some destructive measures in this area, like causing problems in market, economy and currency status, which are the effects of this psychological warfare.

Pointing to the possibility of talks with the Americans, Foreign Minister Zarif said Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei advised us wait for nuclear issue to to the United States that if you came to the nuclear issue, it would be in the context of negotiations with the Americans. We had two years of long history talks on nuclear issues with Americans and other parties.