Russia not to make deal on Iran: Analyst

IRNA – Tehran and Moscow are strategic allies, a Russian analyst said Saturday, ruling out the possibility of any deal between Kremlin and the White House on Tehran.

‘The two countries have developed their cooperation in various fields, particularly on economy and industry,’ Head of Center for Political Technologies Sergei Mikheyev told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), adding that the two will continue the trend.

As a result of supports and resolution of Russian and Iranian leaders for developing bilateral relations, their cooperation has been extended to include various spheres, such as railway, aerospace, and hi-tech, he said.

With such high-level relations and support by the heads of states, and particularly their interdependence to each other as two regional allies, any deal on Tehran would be impossible, the analyst said, adding that the American officials have put forward the suggestion, but Moscow will not accept it.

Commenting on the issues related to the Caspian Sea, he said peace in the region involves cooperation among Iran, Russia and the other three littoral states.

The two have productive cooperation in the Middle East region, as the relative stability in Syria and defeating the terrorists in the country are in large part the result of Tehran-Moscow cooperation in support of Damascus, said Mikheyev.

Moscow and Tehran are two great powers that have been focusing on protecting stability in the Middle East, Caucasus and the Caspian Sea, the expert said.

It is obvious today that Washington is advancing most of its policies by creating hotbeds of tension across the world, then by intervening in the countries’ internal affairs and finally by expanding their influence.

Iran and Russia will confront the US and its allies’ expansionism and greed, he said.

The expert said Iran and Russia cannot give concessions to the US against each other as their interest lies in cooperation and avoiding any move that can be regarded as a deal.