Iranian artists show solidarity as nation grapples with economic woes

Al-Monitor – An acclaimed singer of traditional Persian music has offered to hold free, open-air street concerts to alleviate the everyday pains and help fellow Iranians “pass through the fire.”

On his Instagram page, Homayoun Shajarian told followers that the move is meant to make everyone “feel slightly better.” He noted that if the official authorization process is smooth, he will not seek any profit from the events.

Homayoun is the son of legendary classical musician Mohammad Reza Shajarian, described by many as the master of traditional Persian music. However, having shown his unique talents while in his teens, Homayoun never rode on his father’s coattails. It was only last month when the son canceled a highly prestigious concert-drama at Tehran’s Sa’dabad Palace, a move interpreted as a protest against the economic woes that the Iranian working and middle classes are grappling with.

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