Ambassador downplays efforts to stop Iran’s oil exports

IRNA – Iran’s ambassador in London Hamid Baeidinejad said on Thursday that US efforts through new round of economic sanctions to completely stop Iran’s oil exports will prove futile.

Speaking during a meeting with local officials of the central Iranian city of Kashan, the ambassador said: ‘We have 15 neighboring countries and the capacities are far beyond levels they can bring our oil imports to zero by means of sanctions.’

Referring to the key role of economy in the people’s life, Baeidinejad said the US tries to make Iranian people dissatisfied with their own government by exerting economic pressures on the country.

The world’s biggest economy – the United States – has waged an economic war on Iran and their goal is to destabilize the market, the ambassador said, adding that the Americans have allocated budgets for buying foreign currency and gold coin at any cost and taking these sources out of Iran.