Iranian Parliament to grill Rouhani over 5 economic issues

MNA – Iranian Parliament garnered the needed votes to question President Hassan Rouhani over the country’s economic issues.

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said “a total number of 92 out of the 290 members of Parliament filed a request to grill President Rouhani, which was examined by the Economic Commission; after reviewing the question, 80 insisted on their request, confirming the process of grilling the president, according to the article 88 of the Constitution.”

Article 88 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran stipulates that “when at least one-fourth of the total members of the Parliament asks a question from the president, or any one of the representatives asks a question from a responsible minister about his duties, the president or the minister are required to appear in the Parliament. The response of the president should not be delayed by more than a month and that of the minister by more than ten days; except with a valid excuse so recognized by the Parliament.”

President Rouhani will be interrogated over five issues regarding the handling of the economy:

1. Government’s failure to control the cost of goods and currency

2- Continuation of banking sanctions

3- Government’s failure to reduce the unemployment rate

4. Severe economic recession for many years

5. Sharp rise in foreign currency rate and a sharp decline in the value of the national currency

Larijani underlined that according to the article 213 of the ‘Rules of Procedure of the Islamic Parliament of Iran’, the president will have the duty to show up in the Parliament plenary session within one month from the date the questions are received and answer to the questions raised by the representatives.