Iran seizes huge cache of weapons in central province of Kerman

Press TV – Iran has discovered and seized a considerable amount of semi-heavy weapons and ammunition in the central province of Kerman.

Kerman Prosecutor General Dadkhoda Salari said Wednesday that the large arms cache had been smuggled into the country through eastern borders for terrorist attacks.

From the place where the cargo was stored, large quantities of ammunition and related weapons, including two anti-aircraft, semi-heavy guns, 7,400 anti-aircraft bullets, 23 items of 73-mm anti-armor rockets and three motorcycles, two of which are specially designed for impassable areas, were discovered and seized, he added.

Salari warned that security, intelligence and judicial officials will not allow thugs and counter-revolutionary elements to endanger the country’s security.

The judiciary, in cooperation with intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies, has put the identification and dismantling of terror groups on its agenda, he added.

Over the past years, Iranian security forces and border guards have engaged in clashes with terror groups, many of whom cross the country’s borders with Pakistan and Iraq to carry out attacks inside the country.

Last month, at least 11 members of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) lost their lives in a terrorist attack in the village of Dari in Marivan district, Kordestan Province, which led to an explosion at an arms depot.

During the clashes, a large number of terrorists were killed and several others fled with injuries.

Also in a statement on July 14, the Najaf Ashraf Base of the IRGC Ground Forces said it had smashed a terror outfit and killed three terrorists in the west of the country near the border with Iraq.

It added that it had identified and completely destroyed a “counter-revolutionary terrorist group” that planned to carry out acts of sabotage and measures against national security after crossing the border into Iran in Nowdesheh area in Kermanshah Province.